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How the Press Freedom Index correlates with other indicators
Oil exports, per capita GDP, economic stability... is there a correlation between such economic indicators and a country’s ranking in the Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index?

Narges Mohammadi:

Defense of Human Rights Will Not Stop
Maryam Kashani

Following the closure of the offices of the Center for the Defense of Human Rights in ‎Tehran by government agents, Rooz spoke with Narges Mohammadi the spokesperson ‎for the group. She stressed that with the closure of the offices, their work would not stop ‎and that in fact they would work even harder. Read on for the details.‎

Attack on Human Rights Center
The office for the Center for the Defense of Human Rights, which is headed by Shirin ‎Ebadi, was shut down yesterday by security and police officers prior to holding a meeting ‎to commemorate the international Human Rights Day. ‎