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Family horrors and personal hardship of an Iranian activist and Nobel laureate
In January 2009, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi was in her Tehran office when she heard her name. “Death to the traitor Ebadi,” angry men were shouting outside.

From activism in Iran to take action in Europe
Mansoureh Shojaee

The promising progressiv Iranian Women‘s Movement is revived and boosted again by the open letter of Narges Mohammadi, out ofEvin prison

Why Iran Wants to Join the International Criminal Court and Why it Avoids it
Nargess Tavassolian

When, on Friday, January 2, Palestine took steps to join the International Criminal Court (ICC), Israel responded by stopping the transfer of $127m in tax revenues to Palestine the next day.

How the Press Freedom Index correlates with other indicators
Oil exports, per capita GDP, economic stability... is there a correlation between such economic indicators and a country’s ranking in the Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index?

Narges Mohammadi:

Defense of Human Rights Will Not Stop
Maryam Kashani

Following the closure of the offices of the Center for the Defense of Human Rights in ‎Tehran by government agents, Rooz spoke with Narges Mohammadi the spokesperson ‎for the group. She stressed that with the closure of the offices, their work would not stop ‎and that in fact they would work even harder. Read on for the details.‎

Attack on Human Rights Center
The office for the Center for the Defense of Human Rights, which is headed by Shirin ‎Ebadi, was shut down yesterday by security and police officers prior to holding a meeting ‎to commemorate the international Human Rights Day. ‎