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With the beginning of the academic year, let’s be the voice of the sufferings of Iranian teachers in prison
Thu 20 09 2012

Although the dimensions of human rights violation in Iran is day by day increasing and the list of different kinds of this violation is very long, yet the violation of teachers' rights , due to the important role they have to make up the future of the society, seems to be more dangerous for this country.
Increasing the intensity and the expansion of violence against teachers imposed by the security and judicial organizations and trying to cover up their trade and economic problems and show up their trade activities as threats to the society, as well as illegal confrontations with teachers' trade unions, have caused considerable worries which require serious attention by educational and human rights organizations.
In this regard, with the beginning of the educational year in Iran and on the threshold of the Teachers' Day on October 5th, it seems necessary to pay sole attention to the violation of teachers' rights specially the evident violation of human rights against the civil and trade activists in this field.
Concerning the importance of this fact and with great respect to Farzad Kamangar, the teacher who was arrested in 2006 and executed in 2010, here we just mention the detentions of teachers since 2009. Beside these detentions, hundreds of verdicts of dismissal, exile, official deprivation after trade demonstrations in 2006 and 2007 were issued by the Disciplinary Violations Board of Ministry of Education in different provinces in Iran and this process continues to this very moment. It must also be mentioned that trade activities of teachers have been illegally interrupted throughout the country.
Moreover, the economic and trade problems of the teachers in Iran have been increased so much that not only the promised wage raise has not been performed but by issuing various circulars, the wages have also been reduced in different cities.
Pressures due to the verdicts of dismissal, imprisonment and even execution have been imposed on teachers in spite of the fact that according to the Articles 26 and 27 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, membership in different religious, trade and political communities have been considered as a basic right for Iranian people and the international human rights conventions which Iranian government has joined, also insist on it.
But it seems that governmental officials in Iran do not feel responsible for their international commitments as well as the national laws of their own country, because demanding the basic rights and even appointments with Parliament deputies have led to violent confrontations between the activists and the security and the judicial officials who have shown up the teachers' legitimate demands as threats to the society and have opened files for them on these cases in the Islamic Revolutionary Court.
Therefore, on the threshold of the academic year in Iran and insisting on the importance of the national and international commitments for which the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible and emphasizing the reasonable demands of the teachers, we invite all civil activists in the world to be the voice of the Iranian teachers' pains and sufferings specially the pains and sufferings of those who are now in the prisons of Iran. To manifest these violated rights to the world, we demand all human rights activists to act in any possible way.

A. Detention of teachers
The list below is not complete because there are also teachers who refused to give us information due to the security problems they have been imposed by the governmental officials.
1- Alireza Ghanbari/ Time and place of arrest: 04/01/2010/ Issued conviction: execution/ Present status: In prison expecting his conviction and recently dismissed definitely by Disciplinary Violation Board
2- Hashem Shabani-nejad/16/02/2011// In prison expecting appeaing
3- Hadi Rashedi/27/02/2011// In prison expecting appeaing
4- Mohammad Davari/08/09/2009/5 years of imprisonment And 4000 dollars penalty for demonstrations in 2006 /Spending his conviction in prison
5- Rassool Bodaghi/01/09/2009/6 years of imprisonment and 5 years deprivation of social activities and definite dismissal by the Disciplinary Violations Board / Spending his conviction in prison
6- Abdolah Momeni/21/06/2009/4 years and 11 months of imprisonment /Spending his conviction in prison
7- Mahmood Bagheri/29/06/2010/9 and half years of definite imprisonment / in prison, his conviction remised 5 years on Feast of Ramathan
8- Mohamadali Agooshi Retired teacher/10 years of imprisonment and exile in Zahedan /Spending his conviction
9-Shahoo Hosseini/13/06/2012 Mahabad// Open file case
10- Abdolvahed Maroofzadeh/05/04/2012 Oshnaviyeh// Open file case
11- Molood Khanchehzard/22/12/2012 Bookan// Open file case
12- Ali Besharati/02/07/2012 Sarab// Open file case
13- Mozafar Sharifi/ January 2012 Marivan// Open file case
14-Razgar Sharifi/ January 2012 Marivan// Open file case
15-Aliakbar Baghani/28/04/2012// Open file case
16-Mahmood Beheshti Langroodi/28/04/2010// Open file case
17- Nabiolah Bastan/1 year of imprisonment/ After 6 months was conditionally released, 5 years of exile in Lorestan
18- Mokhtar Assadi// Open file case
19- Hashem Khastar/15/06/2009/2 years of imprisonment/ Released after spending his conviction but now facing other charges
20- Amir Yaghinloo/20/02/2012 Shahriyar// Open file case
21- Mohamad- jamal Hiki/ Mars 2011 Saghez// Open file case
22- Esmaeel Abdi/28/04/2010/10 years of suspended imprisonment in the initial court / Open file case
23- Alireza Hashemi/05/05/2011// Open file case
24- Ali Poorsoleiman/01/06/2011/1 year of definite imprisonment/ Finished his Conviction on 23/05/2012
25- Ahmad Medadi/16/07/2009 Zanjan// Open file case
26- Bagher Fathali Beigi/ / June 2009// Open file case
27- Zahra Hatami/ December 2010// Open file case
28- Ali Najafi/ May 2010/6 months of suspended imprisonment / Open file case
29- Asghar Mohamadkhani/ May 2010/6 months of suspended imprisonment / Open file case
30- Sayeed Jahanara/ May 2010/1 year of suspended imprisonment / Open file case
31- Eliass Talebi/13/02/2011// Open file case
32- Mohsen Jeldyani/ 08/02/2010/6 years of imprisonment and 5 years of exile in Tabass / Open file case
33- Jafar Ebrahimi Aznadaryani/10/06/2009/ Open file case
34- Tofigh Mortezapoor/29/04/2010/2 years of suspended imprisonment and 91 days definite / Open file case
35- Mohamad Farajian/ Avril 2010// Open file case
36- Mohamad ali Shirazi/23/05/2012// Open file case
37- Massomeh Dehghan (retired teacher)/ 04/06/2011/
38- Hossein Toroghi Jafari/18 months of definite imprisonment
39- Mohamadreza Rezayee Gorgani/06/10/2009// Open file case

B. Summons of teachers to security, judicial and police organizations
Beside the detentions which were mentioned above, a great number of teachers have been summoned to security, judicial and police organizations and have been interrogated, threatened or faced judicial convictions. Some of these cases will be mentioned below as examples:
Siyavash Eslami, a member of Teachers' Society in the city of Sari due to his participation in the demonstrations aftermath the presidential elections in 2009, was sentenced to one year in prison and 76 lashes on charges of violating the security of the society. The conviction was reduced to 37 lashes in the appealing court.
Mohamad-ali Hassan Shirazi, Mansoor Mirzayee, Mohamad Javad Hessami, Ahmad Changizi, Mohamad-ali Shahedi, Ramazan-ali Nejati, Mohamad-mahdi Sedighi, Mohamad-hossein Dehghanpoor and Ali Ghoochani, members of the Teachers' Society in the city of Yazd were all sentenced to prisons by the Branch 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court In Yazd, on different charges of anti- government propaganda, illegal activities such as lectures, forming up meetings, gathering and issuing statements and provoking other teachers to start a strike and closing up the classes. Their convictions have been suspended for 5 years.
Bahedin Maleki, Ramin Zandnia, Ali Ghorishi, Mokhtar Assadi, Peiman Nodinian, heidar Zaman, Reza Hatami, Kamal Fakoorian, Mostafa Sarbazan, Mohamad- sedigh Sadeghi, Hiva Ahmadi, Ezatolah Nosrati, and Parviz Nassehi were all summoned, interrogated and threatened by the security officials In the province of Kurdistan on May 2nd , 2012. These people were all summoned to the Branch 5 of the Inquiry Office for their last defenses.
On 23rd of May 2010, Mohamad- mahdi Sedighi, a member of trade society of teachers in the city of Yazd, was summoned to the Security and Intelligence office of Sepah and was interrogated until 11 o'clock in the evening the same day.
Mohamad Tavakoli, member of Teachers Trade Society in the city of Kermanshah was summoned and threatened to detention on 11th of August, 2012.
On June 13th 2012, Abass Nazari, a school teacher in the city of Ahar was also summoned to the Third Branch of the Islamic and revolutionary Court in the City of Tabriz.
Campaign to Support Imprisoned Teachers
September 2012

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