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Negotiations on Syria must not divert attention from gravity of human rights in Iran
Sun 15 11 2015

(Paris) The question of human rights in Iran should be at the heart of the discussions between Rouhani and Hollande when they meet on Tuesday 17 November in Paris.

The number of human rights violations has risen considerably since the current president came to power in Iran, and these violations must not be overshadowed by the negotiations on Syria.
Our organisations report that:

- more than 800 people were executed during the first nine months of this year, which is the highest number since 1989;
- the courts are still sentencing people to inhuman treatment such as amputations, gouging out eyes, virginity tests, flogging, etc.
- close to 1000 people are in prison serving lengthy terms for purely political reasons or for their human rights activities;
- women’s rights are still being flouted;
- religious and ethnic minorities are persecuted, and many believers (Baha’i, Christians, Dervish, Sunni & others) have been put in prison because of their beliefs.

Three human rights defenders affiliated to FIDH member organisations in Iran are in prison as we speak: Narges Mohammadi, Abdolfattah Soltani and Mohammad Seifzadeh. Our organisations call upon Mr. Hollande to urge his Iranian counterpart to release them and all other human rights defenders currently in Iranian prisons.

This meeting should give the French President the opportunity to ask for guarantees that the legislative elections in February 2016 will be free and transparent, in keeping with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ratified by Iran.

For more information on human rights defenders under arrest in Iran, see:

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