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women's rights and human rights activists:
Call for demonstration in support of imprisoned mothers in Iran
We demand these mothers to be released
Mon 10 08 2015

Abusing mothers’ love to control the behavior of civil and political activists is an injustice that has been always inflicted on mother activists and their families.
Narges Mohammadi’s letter from Evin prison( which has recently published by several media) is an outcry against the oppression that has been going on mothers and women prisoners for many years.
We, a group of women's rights and human rights activists, will gather in front of the Hague Peace Palace to support women prisoners who, with all the hardship and pressures of prisons, are also suffering by being away from their children. Our protest may echo their fight for justice.
We demand putting an end to the oppression against imprisoned mothers and their children. We participate in the demonstration to support those women and mothers who have sacrificed their life, comfort and peace in order to achieve equality, justice and security for the whole society. We demand these mothers to be released.
Venue and Time:
Netherlands, The Hague, The Hague Peace Palace (International Court of Justice Building)
Saturday 22 August 2015, 16 -17

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