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The Defenders for Human Rights Centre calls for global solidarity for the release of Narges Muhammadi
The Defenders for Human Rights Centre in Iran, hereby, calls upon all the freedom seekers, organizations, human right activists and the defenders of freedom of speech, to join our universal solidarity to consider every possible attempt to free a member of our community.

Defenders of Human Rights Centre: Release narges mohammadi'hands from the chained to hospital bed
Defenders of Human Rights Centre (DHRC) has issued a statement to protest against the tying of the hands and feet of the sick prisoners in hospital, including that of Narges Mohammadi.
DHRC, a grassroots organization, published a copy of the statement on its website, signed by Shirin Ebadi, and asked the responsible authorities to create an atmosphere free of tension in the hospital, suitable for the treatment of Ms Mohammadi.

Defenders of Human Rights Center Issues Statment

Press Charges Against Those Who Have Illegally Banned “Yas- No” Daily
owing the closure of “Yas-e No” daily, at the request of the Head Prosecutor of Tehran and the Revolutionary Courts, the Defenders of Human Rights Center has issued a public statement objecting to these developments. Also in this statement, the Defenders of Human Rights Center has requested that high ranking officials within the Judiciary press charges against those responsible for this illegal action. While objecting to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in preventing this daily from resuming publication, which has resulted in the loss of employment by yet another group of journalists and technical experts, the DHRC has further requested that the ban imposed on the publication “Yas-e No” daily be lifted.

The Defenders of Human Rights Center Issues Statement following the Arrest Order for the President of Sudan by the International Court of Justice

The Era of Impunity for Heads of State who Commit Crimes against Humanity has Come to a Close
Wednesday 29 April, 2009
Following the arrest order of Omar Al-Bashir, the President of Sudan on the charges of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” in Darfur, which was ordered by the International Court of Justice, the Defenders of Human Rights Center has issued a statement, claiming that criminal officials can no longer commit crimes against humanity with impunity. This human rights organization, while claiming that the era of turning a blind eye to pursuing and prosecuting of political leaders for their crimes has come to an end, contends that criminal leaders are unworthy of membership in the human community.

Statement issued by the Defenders of Human Rights Center

Free Imprisoned Students
The Defenders of Human Rights Center issued a statement addressed to officials urging them to release all imprisoned students, annul the sentences issued in the cases brought against student which limit their social rights, especially the right to continue with their education, and create a secure and caring environment for students and the youth of the country. This statement, published on March 12, 2009, cites examples of clear violations of human rights in the university environment.

Defenders of Human Rights Center
Member of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)