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From Burmese Dissident to Mystifying Politician Why won’t my fellow Nobelist Aung San Suu Kyi help a Muslim minority?

I’ll be the first to applaud if my sister Nobel peace laureate bravely ignores the internal pressure to dehumanize the Rohingya and instead stands up for their rights.

A Mexican encountering with Iranian imprisoned activist
Nargess Mohammadi
Beatriz Campillo

Beatriz Campillo is a Mexican woman and has educational and professional background in the overlapping fields of Development Studies, Civil Society Sector and Political Analysis. She is currently PhD candidate at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of The Hague, researching about international migration discourses.

Yes, Iran released five political prisoners. 800 more are still languishing in jail

Nobel Prize winner Shirin Ebadi on the horrible plight of the country's journalists, activists and women's rights proponents.

Europe must stay tough on Tehran

Don’t ignore human rights in a scramble for Iran’s markets


Following the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and in anticipation of the lifting of most economic sanctions against Iran, delegation after delegation of government officials has shuttled between Tehran and European capitals looking to discuss new diplomatic and economic ties.

Speech of Abdolreza Tajik Delivered via Video at the Seminar titled: “Iranian Development,” Bologna, Italy

The Situation of Iran
Abdolreza Tajik an Iranian journalist was stopped on February 17, 2009, while on his way to Spain, to participate as a presenter in a conference. At the airport he was stopped, banned from travel and his passport was confiscated. Due to this travel ban, he was unable to participate as a speaker in another seminar scheduled for 5-6 March, 2009, in Bologna, Italy, titled: “Iranian Development.” Mr. Tajik delivered his speech to participants at this seminar via video.

Defenders of Human Rights Center
Member of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)